This site archives my work from 2001–present. I'm an artist, a professor at UCLA, a co-founder of Processing and the Processing Foundation, and I co-founded Feral File in 2020. In the tradition of the 90s WWW, this site is always a work in progress and rough around the edges. For more regular updates, check out the studio INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and VIMEO. See the INFORMATION page for more links, contact info, and data.

Compressed Cinema, 2018–present (Selections)

Atomism, 2012–present (Selections)

CENTURY, 2012–present (Selections)

Ultraconcentrated, 2003–present (Selections)

Process Compendium, 2004–2014 (Selections)

MicroImage, 2001–2004 (Selections)

Books, 2014–present (Selections)

Videos for Music, 2016–2018 (Selections)