Each Untitled Film Still image is a frame from an imagined film. The full set of images defines a more complete perspective of the possible scenes. The small image size, 30 × 30 cm, invites close proximity for viewing and encourages attention toward the details. The soft focus and grain are reminiscent of early explorations into photography and an adjustment to the low resolution of GAN images in 2019.

These images were created by training a DCGAN model on over 100,000 small images (128 × 128 pixels) that were resized and cropped from every individual frame of a selected film. The final set of 24 images were selected from thousands of generated latent vectors and their corresponding images.

Untitled Film Stills 2.1 — 2.24
11.8 × 11.8 in / 30 × 30 cm

Untitled Film Stills 2.1 – 2.24 were first exhibited at the DAM GALLERY in Berlin in March 2019.